Monday, 10 August 2015

Advisors & Assistance

We sincerely thank the following who so generously helped to bring this long project comprising the Painting, Prints and this Website to fruition and to its ongoing research.

Collis, Malcolm
Archivist, HMS Ajax & River Plate Veterans Association, England

Danks, Peter  
Chairman, HMS Ajax & River Plate Veterans Association, England

Dixon, Trevor         Navy Blue, Dartmouth, Devon. Ship’s Badge
(Bob's Niece) Sharplin family Archive

Gray Derek                            

Kriz, Brenda          
Chatham Historic Dockyard Library. England

Records Manager and Freedom of Information Coordinator for the

Town of Ajax, Civic Historical Research and Town Council liaison,
Ontario, Canada 
Manark, Tony       
Former Managing Director and Owner, Manark Printing, Melbourne,

Mulford Viki                      

Nelson, Roger

Curator, Chatham Historic Dockyard Trust, England

Technical assistance, Royal Naval tugs, Gillingham, Kent

Pilbeam, Charlotte                  

Paul, Gerry           
Advisor - Central Library, Medway Campus Universities of Greenwich,
Kent and Christchurch and ex RN Barracks HMS Pembroke,
Chatham, Kent, England
Captain R.N. Rtd.  Royal Naval practices & terminology

Sells, David W       Maritime Historian and President Coble and Keelboat Society, Northumberland, England. Technical advice

Sharplin, Jill                         
Sharplin, Roger                     
Sis, Joe     

Genealogical research (2nd Wife of Bob's stepbrother {Phil})
(A nephew of Bob's)  Sharplin family archive
Lt Cdr, R.N. Rtd. HMS Ajax & River Plate Veterans Association, England
Administration, research & archival management.            
Town of Ajax, Ontario Photographic resources
White, Nicholas     (A grandson of Bob’s), Sharplin family archive – genealogical research
White, Peter          (A grandson of Bob’s), Technical assistance 
White, Ray             (Bob’s son-in-law), Technical assistance and Sharplin family archive
White, Wendy        (Bob’s daughter), Sharplin family archive