Sunday, 3 November 2013


I am much indebted to and acknowledge the most valuable material confirmation, advice, expertise, guidance and information provided by these particular Authorities. Without them significant portions of my material would either not have been found, made available or my own research able to be confirmed.

The Admiralty

  1. ”Certificate of the Service of Robert John Sharplin in the Royal Navy” and other personal service records and papers.
  2. Various War Diaries and Operational Accounts.

The National Archive, Kew, England

The Cruiser HMS Ajax Ship’s Log

HMS Ajax & River Plate Veterans Association, England

Ongoing assistance and advice in regard to the Association's activities particularly President Peter Danks, archivist Malcolm Collis and Alf Larkin Association Member and Cruiser Ajax Crew Member at the time of The Battle for Crete.

Peter C Smith, England 

Noted published author of some 67 books of aeronautical, naval and military history including the Series “Luftwaffe at War”.

Adams, Robert - England 

Biographical assistance re his Father, Albert “Ajax” Adams, Naval Constructor and designer of HMS Ajax.

The Town of Ajax, Ontario, Canada    

The Mayor, Steve Parish, and his staff  who are unstinting in their access to the Town's Archives and assisting in everything related to the ships named "Ajax".  In particular their generous hosting of my and my Wife's visit to the town along with fellow members of The Ajax & River Plate Veterans Association in June 2014 to celebrate the 75th Anniversary of the Battle of the River Plate. Also for  the dedication ceremony at that time of "Sharplin Drive" to the memory of my Father, Robert John Sharplin, in the presence of my Wife and myself and other Association Members, a truly moving experience.