Monday, 11 November 2013

Giclee Print Care

So What Is A Giclée Print?

Giclée is a printing process with its name, pronounced “zhee – clay”, being derived from the French term meaning "spray of ink". The Giclée process gives one of the finest digital prints that can be created from an original work with the resulting Giclée Print itself being a work of fine art quality by using archival inks, high-resolution inkjet printing technology, techniques and specialist papers.
Properly executed a Giclée Print is practically indiscernible in colour and definition from the original work. The paper stock used by our printer is Crane Museo Silver Rag 300gsm Fine Art, 100% Cotton, Zero OBA, is Acid Free and Buffered, The prints are produced using 10 Colour Epson Ultra Chrome High Dynamic Range Ink. The printers using this process tend to be those who are constantly seeking to drive quality in their business to achieve the highest product standards in their industry. Our printer, Tony Knight, the most awarded in Australia for the quality of his work, is arguably Australia’s finest printer. Visit him at

With the use of this fine acid free archival paper stock our prints are of archival quality which when properly mounted and cared for under gallery conditions will retain their colour brilliance, freshness and stability for generations to come with a life expectancy of up to 100 years being quite reasonable.

Giclée Print Care

Giclée prints should be treated with exactly the same care as would be given to any piece of fine art. The printed surface should only be handled when wearing gloves as dirt and oils may damage the image, similarly when handling the paper, gloves avoid damage to the paper caused by fingerprints or smudges to the surface. Avoiding placing the framed Print in bright sunlight will substantially assist the colour preservation.

Framing A Giclée Print

Giclée Prints should be framed with a mat under glass with the use of only acid-free materials being critical, they should never be mounted flat to the glass without a mat as this will result in a dramatically reduced life. There are even a range of glass types which will contribute to a long life print. If it is to be used for archival purposes there are appropriate standards to guide the framer plus there are specialists framers experienced in this work who will certify their framing as “archival compliant”. If you are at all confused by this please contact us for more detailed advice.

Giclée Fine Art Limited Edition Prints are an Investment

That Fine Art has an intrinsic value is a fact that cannot be disputed. Fine Art Limited Edition Prints retain their value because only a limited number of them can ever be available to any market. As scarcity increases value, so a limited edition will increase in value when the final Print is sold, but, in many cases the Print price actually increases while the Edition is selling so the closer the Edition comes to selling out the higher the price becomes. It is not unusual for the final Print price to be several times that at which the first Prints were sold.

Certificates of Authenticity

In common with other providers of quality Limited Editions of Fine Art Prints, Ajax Prints will issue a uniquely numbered Certificate of Authenticity with each Ajax Print. This provides the Owner firstly with its guaranteed authenticity, a proof of ownership for insurance purposes and a record of the Print’s provenance for possible future sale.

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