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A Brief History 0f British Sea Power";  David Howarth; Robinson 2003;  London;  ISBN 978-1-84119-792-0

A Midshipman’s War: A Young Man in the Mediterranean Naval War, 1941-1943” 2nd Edition;  Frank Wade; Trafford Publishing 2013;  Canada;  ISBN 978-1-4120-7069-0(sc)

A Sailor’s Odyssey”; The Autobiography of Admiral of the Fleet Viscount Cunningham of Hyndhope;  Hutchinson 1951;  London

A Year at Sea on HMS Implacable, 1909: The 1909 Diary of Albert ‘Ajax’ Adams”; Robert Adams;  Ajax Adams Press 2012;  England;  ISBN 978-0-9573729-0-0

Admiral Lord Anson";  Captain S.W.C. Pack R.N.;  Cassell 1960;  London

Anzac Fury, The Bloody Battle of Crete 1941”; Peter Thompson; William Heinemann 2011; Sydney Australia; ISBN 978 1 86471 131 8

Australian & New Zealand Warships 1914-1945"; Ross Gillett; Double Day 1953; Australia

Battles and Honours of the Royal Navy”; David A Thomas.; Leo Cooper (Sword &n Pen)1998; Barnsley; England

Battle Honours of the Royal Navy”; Ben Warlow Lt Cdr R.N.; Maritme Books 2004; Liskeard. England

Battle Ships and Carriers”; Steve Crawford; Brown Books 1999; London; ISBN 1-897884-44-3

Before the Tide Turned (The Mediterranean Experiences of a British Destroyer Officer in 1941)”; Hugh Hodgkinson Lt Cdr DSC R.N.; George G Harrap 1944; England

Bletchley Park, Home of the Codebreakers” Guide Book; Bletchley Park Trust 2014; Bletchley;   England

Blue Star”; Tony Atkinson & Kevin O'Donoghue; World Ship Society 1985; Kendall England;
     ISBN 0 90561737 1

Blue Star Line”; Mike Dovey & Ken Bottoms; The TPO & Seapost Society 2014; England;
     ISBN 978-0-9569662-7-8

Blue Star Line, A Fleet History"; Tony Atkinson, Ships in Focus Publications 2014; England;
     ISIBN 978-0-9928263-8-3   

Blue Star Line At War 1939 - 1945”; Taffrail (Captain Taprell Dorling D.S.O. F.R.Hist.S., RN);
      W Foulsham 1973; England; ISBN 0-572-00849-X
Note - There is a further edition of this work, believed to have been an extremely limited private printing for Blue Star Line to distribute to a very selected few. One copy of this "private" edition was presented to Commodore Harwood** on 9th August 1949 (who was then Admiral Sir Henry Harwood K.C.B.) with an accompanying letter from Blue Star Line’s Board of Directors**. This edition is bound in blue buckram embossed with gold lettering on the spine and front cover and printed on a heavier paper. The title page has "A Record of Service" added to the title, a Dedication Page has been added as have further pages each with a portrait of one of the company's two founders. There is no mention of the publisher or publication date.
** This copy is in the possession of this author.

British Battleships of World War Two”; Alan Raven and John Roberts;
In UK - Arms & Armour Press 1976; England; ISBN 0-87021-817-4
In USA - The Naval Institute 1976; USA; ISBN 0-87021-817-4

Note - These two editions are identical in all respects apart from the inner Title Page bearing the name of the respective publisher.   

British Cruisers of World War Two”; Alan Raven and John Roberts;
In UK - Arms & Armour Press 1980; England; ISBN 0-85368-304-2
In USA - The Naval Institute Press 1980; USA, ISBN 0-87021-922-7
Note - These two editions are identical in all respects apart from the inner Title Page bearing the name of the respective publisher.   

British Warships in the Age of Sail 1603-1714 ”; Rif Winfield; Seaforth Publishing Pen & Sword Books 2009; England; ISBN 978-I-84832-040-6

British Warships in the Age of Sail 1714-1792”; Rif Winfield; Seaforth Publishing Pen & Sword Books 2014; England; ISBN 978-I-84415-700-6

British Warships in the Age of Sail 1793-1817”; Rif Winfield; Seaforth Publishing Pen & Sword Books 2014; England; ISBN 978-I-84415-717-4

British Warships in the Age of Sail 1817-1863”; Rif Winfield; Seaforth Publishing Pen & Sword Books 2014; England, ISBN 978-I-84832-169-4

Broadsides, The Age of Fighting Sail, 1775 - 1815”; Nathan Miller; John Wiley & Sons 2000; USA;
ISBN 0-471-07835-2 (paper)

Chatham Dockyard, The Rise and Fall of a Military Industrial Complex"; Philip MacDougall; The History Press 2012; England; ISBN 978 0 7524 6212 7

Chatham Naval Dockyard & Barracks”; David T Hughes; Tempus Publishing 2004; England;
ISBN 0 7524 3248 6

Cochrane, Britannia's Sea Wolf”; Donald Thomas; Cassell Military Paperbacks 1978; England;
ISIBN 0-304-35659-X

Code Breaker in the Far East”; Alan Stripp; Oxford University Press 1989; England;
ISIBN 0-19-280386-7. 

Crete 1941, The Battle At Sea”; David A Thomas; Cassell Military Paperbacks 2003’ England
ISIBN 0-304-36400-2  / Greek (English language) Edition – A Efstathiadis Group 1980; Greece;
ISBN 960-226-085-8

Cruiser, The life and loss of HMAS Perth and her Crew”; Mike Carlton; William Heinemann 2010;
Australia; ISBN 978 1 86471 133 2

Cruisers of World War Two, An International Encyclopaedia”; M J Whitley; Arms and Armour Press 1995; England; ISBN 1 86019 8740

"Chronology of World War Two", Edward Davidson & Dale Manning: Cassell 1999; London.;
ISBN 0-304-35309-4

East of Malta, West of Suez, The Official Admiralty Account of the Mediterranean Fleet 1939-1943”;  “Bartimeus” (Paymaster Captain Ritchie R.N.); Little Brown 1944; USA

D-Day, June 6, 1944”; Stephen E Ambrose. Sinon & SCHuster, 2016. England   ISBN 978-1-4711-5826-1

Flagship, The Cruiser HMAS Australia II and the Pacific War on Japan" Mike Carlton, William Heinemann Australia 2016, IDBN 9780 85798 7778

Fifty Years of Naval Tugs"; Bill Hannon; Maritime Books – publication date not known; Liskeard; England.

"Diving Stations, The Story of Captain George Hunt and The Ultor", P 87, Peter Dornan, Pen & Sword, 2013. ISBN 978 1 78303 013 2.

Harwood and the Battle of the River Plate”; Henry & Stephen Harwood; Published privately - 2014; England.
Haul Down Ceremony 30 September 1983" (Official programme for the closure of HM Dockyard Chatham, HMS Pembroke, The Flag Officer Medway and Port Admiral Chatham); David Hunter (Part) 1983; The Admiralty; England.

 “HMS Ajax 1935-1949”; Jeff Stevens; Self Published 2014; UK

HMS Ajax, The British Light Cruiser HMS Ajax (1941-1942)”; Slawomir Brzezíński; Profile Morskie Series - Firma Wydawniczo-Handlown 2006; Poland; ISBN 83-87918-79-2
 Note -Designed and published for modellers

 “HMS Belfast - Guidebook (as Museum Ship), Jonathan Asbury; Imperial War Museum, 2015; UK.

I Was Graf Spee's Prisoner”; Captain Patrick Dove*; Cherry Tree Books 1940; England
* Master - S.S. "Doric Star", of Blue Star Line, captured and sunk by Graf Spee on 2 December 1939.

Lost Voices Of The Royal Navy”; Max Arthur; Hodder & Stoughton Ltd 2005; England;
ISBN 978 0 340 83814 3

Maritime History of Britain and Ireland”; Ian Fiel; The British Museum Press 2003; England;
ISBN 0 7141 27183

Navy News, January 2010, Ajax Supplement” (Magazine); A special double page spread of fully sectioned ship drawings; Navy News HMS Nelson; England

Nelson's Navy - The Ships, Men & Organisation 1793-1815”; Brian Lavery; Conway Mainline Press 1992 reprint; England; ISBN 0-85177-521-7

Nelson’s Trafalgar, The Battle That Changed the World”; Roy Adkins; Viking 2004; England;
ISBN 0-670-03448-7

"No Pleasure Cruise, The Story of the Royal Australian Navy", Tom FrameAllen & Unwin 2004; Australia;
ISBN 0 340-23118-1

"Operation Mercury, the Battle for Crete 1941", Tony Simpson, Hodder & Stoughton 1981; London.
ISBN 1 74114 233 4
Pasha”; Julian Stockwin; Hodder & Stoughton Ltd 2014; England; ISBN 978 1 444 78539 5

Ray Parkins Odyssey”; Pattie Wright; MacMillan Australia 2012; Australia; ISBN 0-9781405039970

Sea War, Great Naval Battles of World War II”; Frank Pearce; Robert Hale 1990; England;
ISBN 0-7090-4013-X

Ships Monthly" Magazine; various issues, Kelsey Media; England

Ships of the Royal Navy, The Complete Record of all Fighting Ships of the Royal Navy”; J J  Colledge & Ben Warlow;
In USA - Casemate 2010; ISBN 978-1-935149-07-1
In UK – Casemate 2010; England; ISBN 978-1-935149-07-1

Ships of the Royal Navy: Vol 2, Navy-Built Trawlers, Drifters, Tugs& Requisitioned Ships”; J.J. Colledge; Lionel Leventhal, 2nd Edition 1989; England; ISBN 1-85367-028-6

Shore Establishments of the Royal Navy, A  List of Static Ships and Establishments”; Lt. Cdr. Ben Warlow R.N. Retd; Maritime Books, Second Edition 2000; England; ISBN 0 907771 73 4

Stanley Gibbons Stamp Catalogues  “British Commonwealth Part 1”&  “Simplified World Catalogue”; Stanley Gibbons Publications; England,

Strachan Alan, B,A. History, M.A. Maritime History, Family Archive

Struggle for the Middle Sea, The Great Navies at War in the Mediterranean 1940-1945"; Vincent O'Hara;
In UK – Conway 2009; England: ISBN 978-1-84486-102-6
In USA - Naval Institute Press 2009; USA; ISBN 978-1-84486-102-6

"Stukas over the Mediterranean, 1940-1945” (Part of the Series “Luftwaffe at War”); Peter C Smith; Green Hill Books 1999; England; ISIBN 1-85367-376-5
Task Force, The inside Story of the Ships and Heroes of the Royal Navy”; John Parker; Bounty Books 2005; England; ISBN-13: 9780753712962

The A to Z of Royal Naval Ship’s Badges, 1919-1989, Vol 1”; B. Wilkinson, T.P. Stopford & D. Taylor; Neptune Books 1987; England; ISBN 1 8709842 00 X  
“The A to Z of Royal Naval Ship’s Badges, 1919-1989, Vol 2”; B. Wilkinson, T.P. Stopford & D. Taylor; Neptune Books 1988; England; ISBN 1 870842 02 2    

The Battle for Crete”; Capt S.W.C. Pack RN; Ian Allan 1973; England

The Battle for the Mediterranean”; Donald Macintyre; B.T. Batsford Ltd 1964; England
The Battle of the River Plate” Republished in “Great War Stories” P479; Octopus Books 1978; England; ISBN 0 7064 0926 4  

The Battle of the Atlantic, How the allies won the war”; Jonathan Dimbleby; Viking 2015; England; IBN 978 0 241 18661 9

The Battle of the River Plate, a Grand Delusion”; Richard Woodman; Pen & Sword Military 2008; England; IBN 978 184415 689 4

The Complete Encyclopaedia of Battleships and Battlecruisers”; Tony Gibbons; Salamander Books 1983; England; ISBN 0 86101 142 2

The Fall Of Crete”; Alan Clark; Cassell Military Paperbacks, 2004 Reprint; England; ISBN 978 0 3043 5348 4

The Fighting Ship In The Royal Navy 897 - 1984”; E H H Archibald,  Blandford Press, ISBN 0 7137 13488

The Historic Dockyard Chatham Guide Book”; The Historic Dockyard 2006; England

"The Illustrated Encyclopediaof Battleshipos & Cruisers", Peter Hore and Bernard Ireland: Hermes House 2010; England, ISBN 13: 978-0-85723=251-9 and 10: 0-85723-251-2.
The King’s Cruisers”; Gordon Holman; Hodder and Stoughton 1947; England,

The Med, The Royal Navy in the Mediterranean, 1939-45”;  Rowland Langmaid; The Batchworth Press 1948;  England

The Mediterranean Fleet, Greece to Tripoli. The Admiralty Account of Naval Operations: April 1941 to January 1943”; The Admiralty through The Ministry of Information; His Majesty’s Stationary Office 1944; England 
"The Naval Side of British History 1485-1945"; Sir Geoffrey Callender & F H Hinsley; Christophers, 1952; England

The Nelson Encyclopaedia”; Colin White;
In UK - Chatham Publishing 2002; England
In USA - Stackpole Books 2005; USA

The Royal Navy in World War Two: An Annotated Bibliography”; Derek G Law; Greenhill Books 1988; England; ISBN 1-85367-002-2

The Royal Navy, An Illustrated Social History 1870 - 1982” ; Capt John Wells, RN; Wrens Park Publishing & Alan Sutton Publishing 1999; England: ISBN 0-905-778-308

The Second World War"; Anton Beevor; Weidenfeld & Nicolson 2012; England; ISBN 978 0 297 844 97 6

The Silent Landscape. Discovering the world of the oceans in the wake of HMS Challenger’s epic 1872 mission to explore the seabed”; Richard Corfield;  John Murray (Publishers) Ltd 2005; England; ISBN 0 7195 6531 6

The Story of HMS Ajax”; (A 10 Page Booklet), Produced, Published and printed by the  C -in -C, Mediterranean's Office, January 1946. Copy seen and referred to by this Author is held in the Ajax Archive of the Library of The Historic Chatham Dockyard. Another copy is thought to be held in the archive of the HMS Ajax Association.

The Struggle for the Middle Sea – The Great Navies at War in the Mediterranean 1940-1945”; Vincent O’Hara
In UK - Conway Books; 2009; England; ISBN 978-1-84486-102-6
In USA - Naval Institute Press 2009; USA

The Voyage of the Challenger”; Eric Linklater; John Murray (Publishers) Ltd 1972; England; ISBN 0 7195 2626

Voyages of Discovery, The Ten Greatest Natural History Expeditions  (The Challenger Expedition)”;  Tony Rice; Allen & Unwin 2008: Australia; ISBN 978 1 74237 225 9

Trafalgar, The Men, The Battle, The Storm"; Tim Clayton & Phil Craig; Hodder & Stoughton 2005; England; ISBN 0 340 83028 x 

Underwater Warriors”; Paul Kemp; Brockhampton Press 1999; England; ISBN 1 86019 991 7

Warships of World War II”; H.T. Lenton & J.J. Colledge; Ian Allan 1964; England.

 World Ship Society; England; 1985;  ISBN 0 90561737 1

World At War”, (Magazine) Issue #41 May-June 2015, P6-23 "Mare Nostrum: War in the Mediterranean"; Joseph Miranda; Strategy & Tactics Press 2015; USA.

Wikipedia - While this is a wonderful reference and research source with much respected ethical objectives rhat assisted me greatly in the course of this project, the very manner in which information is collected may occasionally allow unauthenticated entries to be made. Care should therefore be taken if using this as the single unqualified source. 


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Other Resources

Eden Camp
                    Historical Theme and Military Museum. (Britain at War in World War II).  Malton, Ryedale, North Yorkshire, YO17 6RT, England
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                   (Exhibiiton ship) River Thames Nr Tower Bridge. London.                            England