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Ships & Shore Establishments Served In

This chronicle is intended to be a complete record of Bob’s 23½ years service by each appointment, either afloat to a ship in commission or to a shore establishment. During this period he served aboard periods ranging from one day through to almost three year nterspersed as is usual in the Royal Navy with regular.service in shore bases.. The ships included battleships, through aircraft carriers, cruisers, destroyers and frigates to an ocean going tug, an armed trawler, and even to an historic former luxery motor Yacht. A major update to this section has now been made with the addition of a complete Time Line for Bob thus enabling easy reseasrch by ship name or type or shore base name The notes attached to each appointment include information describing each ship or shore establishment are gradually being upgraded as are the other noteworthy items of interest particularly major actions at which he was present as a result of current&nbsp The notes for HMS Marlborough have also been the subject of a complete rewrite to reflect the results of that recent research This whole chronicle is will continue to be very much the subject of the constant ongoing research still with some data and images yet to be found. For “Battle Honours” only those awarded to the ship while Bob was serving in her are noted. The prime source for these is Ben Warlow’s “Battle Honours of the Royal Navy”, (ibid - Bibliography) and "Battles and Honours of the Royal Navy" by Thomas.
My prime sources for information on each ship or shore establishment and name lineage is from “Ships of the Royal Navy Volumes 1 & 2”, Colledge & Warlow. (ibid - Bibliography) and “Shore Establishments of the Royal Navy” by Warlow (ibid - Bibliography). Where Cruisers are involved information on them sourced from the authorative “British Cruisers of World War Two” by Raven & Roberts (ibid - Bibliography) is given pre-eminence; for Battleships their parallel work "British Battleships of World War Two". For ships mentioned from the days of sail the encyclopeadic four volume monumental work "British Warships in the Age of Sail 1603 to 1863" by Winfieild is a major source.

In regard to images I have attempted to include images of the various ships listed here that are as near as possible to the same time period as Bob’s service in them.

See general footnotes at the conclusion of this chronicle for definitions of tonnages such as “Displacement”

1 Pembroke Barracks 8-Jul-29 31-Dec-29
2 Marlborough  Battleship 1-Jan-30 22-Aug-30
3 Pembroke Barracks 23-Aug-30 2-Oct-30
4 Hermes  Aircraft Carrier 3-Oct-30 6-Sep-33
5 Pembroke Barracks 7-Sep-33 15-Oct-35
6 Ramillies Battleship 16-Oct-35 31-Dec-36
7 Pembroke II Barracks 1-Jan-37 1-Jan-37
8 Drake II Barracks 2-Jan-37 9-Dec-38
9 Pembroke II Barracks 10-Dec-38 14-Mar-39
10 Cornwall Cruiser 15-Mar-39 9-Feb-40
11 Pembroke II Barracks 10-Feb-40 18-Mar-40
12 Ajax Cruiser 19-Mar-40 30-Sep-41
13 Valiant Battleship 1-Oct-41 16-May-42
14 Pembroke  Barracks 17-May-42 18-Apr-44
15    Lent to Ajax Cruiser 25-Aug-42 25-Aug-42
16    Lent to Ajax Cruiser 1-Oct-42 13-Oct-42
17    Lent to Purnbell Not yet identified 1-Apr-44 10-Apr-44
18 Mauritous Cruiser 19-Apr-44 13-Mar-45
19 Pembroke Barracks 14-Mar-45 9-Aug-45
20    Lent to Stoymer Not yet identified 19-Mar-45 25-Mar-45
21    Lent to Holderness Destroyer 4-Apr-45 7-Apr-45
22    Lent to Brocklesby Destroyer 9-Apr-45 17-Apr-45
23    Lent to Jacinta Armed Trawler 27-Apr-45 27-Apr-45
24    Lent to Cordeila II Harbour Defence Craft 11-May-45 11-May-45
25    Lent to Caicos Frigate 17-May-45 18-May-45
26   Lent to Torrington Frigate 14-Jun-45 24-Jun-45
27 Liverpool Cruiser 10-Aug-45 9-Oct-45
28 Pembroke Barracks 10-Oct-45 17-Nov-45
29 Suffolk Cruiser 18-Nov-45 25-Apr-46
30 Pembroke Barracks 26 Ap 1946 30-Sep-46
31 Sussex Cruiser 1-Oct-46 16-Jul-48
32 Encore Fleet Tug 17-Jul-48 28-Dec-48
33 Sussex Cruiser 29-Dec-48 30-Dec-48
34 Belfast   Cruiser 31-Dec-48 17-Apr-49
35 Pembroke Barracks 18-Apr-49 18-Aug-49
36    Lent to Steepholm Wreck Disposal Vessel 19-Aug-49 29-Sep-50
37 Pembroke II Barracks 30-Sep-50 12-Oct-50
38 Neptune (Gillingham Group) Chatham, Reserve Fleet 13-Oct-50 14-Jan-52
39    Lent to Cambrian  Destroyer 1-Oct-51 15-Dec-51
40    Lent to Carron Destroyer 1-Jan-52 14-Jan-52
41 Superb Cruiser 15-Jan-52 2-Jun-52
42 Pembroke  Barracks 3-Jun-52 23-Jul-52
43 Mars Harwich, Reserve Fleet 24-Jul-52 6-Nov-52
44 Pembroke - Retired Barracks 7-Nov-52 12-Feb-53
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