Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Setting the Scene

World War II. The Mediterranean. May 1941 ...

HMS Ajax at the Battl for Crete
Painting in oils by Wallace Trickett now in the collection of Clive Shatrplin
Image © C R Sharplin

“The daylight hours of May 21st were to witness violent and prolonged battles between warships and the bombers.” 
“... the air was filled with the drone of approaching aircraft. They came in droves ...” 
“... every form of attack was made on the ships; high level, single and formation; massed bombing ...” “... the men, watching the bombs scream down at the ship... ” 
“... flinging a myriad of steel splinters abroad, killing or wounding everybody in their path, piercing anything... ” 
“... no more could be asked of officers and men, physically and mentally exhausted by their efforts ...” 
“... losses on both sides were enormous in a sea war which was fought with a ferocity equalling anything occurring in any other theatre of war.” 

This site is split into sections covering:
  • An introduction to HMS Ajax, the account of the Battle with eye witness descriptions and its place in modern maritime history. 
  • HMS Ajax in detail, her name, badge, motto, designer and builder together with an historical overview of all Royal Navy ships that have been named HMS Ajax over the last 250 years plus the new one now on order. 
  • The Painting of the Battle, the archival quality limited edition GiclĂ©e prints from the painting for sale and how to purchase. 
  • Why a town in Canada was named after this ship. 
  • The Bob Sharplin Archive, the man and his service records with an illustrated history of all the ships and shore establishments he served in over 23½ years in the Royal Navy. 
  • Everything else! Bibliography, resources, links, Ajax collectables, authorities, attributes, varuious articles relating to the service life of Ajax, copyright etc.