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Every attempt has been made to correctly attribute or acknowledge any quotations, photographic material, Illustrations, drawings or other images contained within this website that are outside of those of the website’s owner’s private and family archives are, to the best of our endeavours, stated in this website. This includes quotations, photographic material, Illustrations, drawings or other images contained within this website that have been provided to us by our consulting authorities, technical advisors and other contributors. Images which have not been either attributed or acknowledged have been sourced from the public domain.

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Should any person or entity find that I have infringed upon their ownership and or copyright I most sincerely apologise and request that you advise me accordingly with supporting evidence of your claim in writing so that I may correct that infringement and properly acknowledge the appropriate source at the earliest opportunity.

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Obviously a website such as this is hugely dependent upon the continuous research and study of a great deal of material from an infinite number and variety of sources. We will willingly correct any failure of copyright attribution brought to our attention but no financial injury will be entertained no matter howsoever caused. 

Our aim is to make this website an authoritative and accurate source of the material contained within it and we therefore endeavour to properly attribute copyrighted sources where appropriate. In doing so if we have failed to properly recognise or acknowledge any copyright attribution we sincerely apologise and would plead that any perceived infringement of copyright has purely been occasioned as a result of “fair use” by “research” and “study” through applying the following methodology:

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. The use of or copying of the painting of HMS Ajax or of any material from the Sharplin family achives we claim unreserved copyright of.. Any material on this website which may subesquintly cause any damage, harm or hindrance to any person howsoever used or employed we will deny all and every liability howsoever occaisioned. 
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I regret that with the exception of the Painting “HMS Ajax at the Battle for Crete” (See “How to Order”) I am unable to supply copies of the other photographs, images or illustrations contained with this website.

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